Nothing but Lies: Fighting Fake News


For many people the Fake News phenomenon has come from nowhere to dominate the airwaves, column inches and internet. But it hasn’t. Now a new documentary traces the roots of fake news, from the second world war, via Estonia, the war in Ukraine, and MH17 through to President Donald Trump. World renowned experts explain what is Fake News, how it succeeds, and how to tackle the growing problem.

Nothing But Lies features US journalist and filmmaker Simon Ostrovsky famous for his report on Russia’s involvement in the war in the eastern Ukraine Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine | VICE News, founder of Bellingcat Eliot Higgins, Senior Editor at The Economist Edward Lucas, researcher of Media at London School of Economics and Political Science Gregory Asmolov and Managing Editor of First Draft Alastair Reid, as well as StopFake’s co-founding Editors Olga Yurkova and Ruslan Deynuchenko.

Теги: Bellingcat, MH17, АТО, Дональд Трамп, Естонія, Україна, війна, російські змі