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Ukraine Independence Day 2014

Cities of Ukraine, the Ukrainian communities of different countries, all Ukrainians of the world as a sign of unity will hold the nationwide and worldwide social and peacekeeping activities: Light of the peace in the cities on the Dnieper and symbolic places in the world - close to the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, and 50-meter world map in Lisbon. UkrStream.TV will broadcast the activities of the project in Ukraine and the world.

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Help the World find the truth about Ukraine!

UkrStream.TV team and partners have finalized an ambitious historical project, a documentary titled “Pray For Ukraine.” This film voices a true story about the resistance of Ukrainian nation against a corrupted government. It is a story of the people who came out and overthrown the dictatorship at the price of their own blood and lives.

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UkrStream.TV working on a creation of documentary "Pray for Ukraine"

Work continues on a feature-length documentary "Pray For Ukraine"

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Telethon «Peace is above all» on UkrStream.TV
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New jobs on UkrStream.TV

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