About us

About us

Who are UkrStream.TV?

We are a team of independent professional journalists. Channel was created with personal resources of UkrStream.TV employees and financed by voluntary donations.

UkrStream.TV provides you an opportunity to see everything with your own eyes. No mounting and no comments - just events as they are.


People who participated in the channel' development: Kostyantyn Ignatchuk, Alex Kashpur, Ksenia Kalinovskaya, Kseniya Mikhnevich, Alina Gorlova, Oleg Balaban, Victoria Demidasyuk, Kostyantyn Babkov, Kuchina Alyona.

  • Yuri Ivanyshyn

    Yuri Ivanyshyn

    General producer of UkrStream.TV channel

  • Pavel Peleshok

    Pavel Peleshok

    Co-founder and executive director of UkrStream.TV channel

  • Maksym Smetana

    Maksym Smetana


  • Petro Tsymbal

    Petro Tsymbal


  • Artem Rykhalskyi

    Artem Rykhalskyi


  • Oleg Koshyk

    Oleg Koshyk

    Web designer