Propose video

Many of you become the evidence of the events which do not fall into the lenses or cameras or into broadcasting popular strimers.

Or during the significant events you notice somehting, that other people can not see.

Than the question comes what to do with that video? Where to send it? Whome to show it to? May be to put it on the Internet? 

But it can lost among the thousands of other videofiles and remain unnoticed..

We propose that you should send your video to us.

If your video contains really important evidence and does not violate the laws of Ukraine, we will post it on the site UkrStream.TV 

Here it will be seen by millions of viewers around the world! Here it definitely will not go unnoticed!

 It rather easy to do: upload a video on the Internet (YouTube, Vimeo , etc ) and then fill out the form on our website and leave a link to your video. Soon it will be available to the entire world!

Propose video: