"War technologies": "Transparent" armor. UAZ-452 v. Bogdan-2251

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGzJMqzjVxs


  • "War technologies" celebrate 3 years
  • Systems of "transparent armor": from Israeli Iron Vision to the Ukrainian Land Platform Modernization Kit
  • "Donbass" and "Korets" - from Odessa to Mariupol
  • The United States handed over to Ukraine typeboards like Icland. Sale of the factory "Smith on Rybalsky"
  • Tests of helicopters "Scout" and AK1-3. Hangars and pilots for the French H-225 MIA. Updated drone "Leleka-100"
  • BREM "Lion" was tested. Two manufacturers of trunks of tanks in Ukraine
  • Medical car for the Ministry of Internal Affairs from China. "Azovtsy" have created a battle buggi
  • Blast of mortar M-120-15 "Hammer" in OOS 
  • Simplification of passwords and appointment of the system of ACS "Dnipro"
  • New Glock-45 pistol. The Marines of the United States changed the M40 sniper rifle to Mk13 Mod 7
  • Armor Senor Armored Rescue Vehicle and HMV-420
  • Mobile mortars MAX3 (4x4) Thales Scorpion and SBM VPK - 233136 "Tiger"
  • German SLM SLM for Egypt, Iran's anti-aircraft system Erlicon
  • Compact submarine MK 11 SWCS for United Kingdom Special Forces. Soyang Ship Supply Complex for South Korea Navy
  • Battle Test MQ-9 Reaper. Presentation of the V-247 VIGILANT natural layout. Lucky Boeing Tenders for MN-139 and T-X
  • Arms Exposition ADEX-2018 and ADAS-2018
  • Replacement of UAZ-452 sanitizers (3962) in the UAF. Updated Bogdan-2251

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