"War Technologies": Rifles Z-10 and Z-008. Le Bourget-2017 air-show

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBWFU2hg-rQ

Issue 86. Topics:

  • Sniper rifles Z-10 and Z-008. Zbroyar
  • Cabinet approved the development of weapons
  • Cadets of KNUPS using Su-27UB, MiG-29UB, Su-25UB, Mi-8
  • Training boat of the Ukrainian Navy "Chigirin". Technical descent "Gyurza-M" U179
  • BM-21 "Grad" work on the water. 95 odshbr. Airborne aircraft
  • Bohdan KM-450 (Kia) car. Fire trucks for DSNS
  • Robotized platform "Laska"
  • Tests of the summer uniform of Ukraine in Sahara. "Kaska-1M" in Germany
  • A new pistol sight. Canadian sniper record holder against IDIL with McMillan Tac-50
  • 60,000 JLTV for the US Army. Party of armored vehicles CS / VN3 for Belarus. Armored car based on Isuzu
  • Water tests of the Patria AMV28A
  • The first flight of Gripen-NG. Release of the F-22 Raptor. The cost of J-31
  • Le Bourget-2017. Paris Air Show. An-132D. Su-30
  • Asad Su-22 was shot down. Catastrophe F-16, two Yak-130 and the Polish Air Force helicopter on the NATO training in Italy
  • Cemeteries of warships and submarines. Great Britain, Canada, Japan, USA, Russia, USSR

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