"War technologies": Armband handbags. Biological weapons

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5H-pauph7I

War technologies №131. Armband handbags. Biological weapons Topics:

  • Military assistance to Ukraine from the USA in 2019
  • Bags, cases, cases for small arms
  • Draft defense budget for 2019
  • Unique simulator of the Navy "Fight for survivability". Descent into the water of another DSHK "Centaur"
  • Upgraded BTR-60MK. Fight Module "List"
  • Bogdan-6317 with a Chinese engine. KRAZ ATS4-60 and Kozak PM-L for rescuers
  • Institute of Defense Technologies in the KPI. Sikorsky Challenge
  • New equipment for the Australian Army
  • The French Army chose Aimpoint COMP M5 for the HK-416. Modernization of Daewoo K1 rifle
  • Armored Vehicles Nexter Serval and Milkor 4x4. 10 "Wall" complexes for the Russian Guard
  • Ammunition to Abrams tanks of Egypt. Renaming to M1A2C and M1A2D. Tank Challenger-2 Mk2 Black Night
  • ZRR Poprad based on the Zubr-R 4x4 air defense system in Poland
  • Demolition of nuclear landfills in the DPRK. Construction of weapons storage facilities by the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation
  • A25PS on an airbag for the FSB of the Crimea. Canadian Chief Patrol Ship. Submarine of the KSS-III project for South Korea
  • Broken Sirius Il-20. First helicopter MH-60R Seahawk. Unmanned flyman
  • The Exhibition of Arms The Africa Aerospace and Defense (AAD-2018)

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