War technologies №140. Bullpups in UAF. Armoured vehicle Triton

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHcMo38k4CA

Issue 140. Topics:

  • Army of Russia does not want to Donbass. Mysterious death of the Kremlin generals
  • Bulpups in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Fort-221, Fort-224, Volcano-M (Kid). SOF of Ukraine
  • Talks on lethal weapons for Ukraine from the United States
  • Defensive budget-2019
  • Prospective UAVs DP Antonov: Horlitsa, Strategic BAC, Mission Complex
  • Launcher 58503 "Centaur" in Odessa. Martial arts and service Gyurza-M. "Kremenchuk", "Lubny", "Vyshgorod", "Nikopol"
  • New tank for water ADPV-6 on the basis of Maz-5434
  • Integration platform "DELTA" in KFO. Naive
  • Ukrainians against the symbolism of LDPR on Amazon and eBay
  • Toyota Prius and M61. A series of Tufan armored vehicles in Iran. Help China to Argentina
  • Russian partisan silent 82-mm mortar from the Second World War has been declassified in Russia. Ukrainian "Shepit"
  • The first batch of SAU K9 for India
  • Causes of tragedy of the submarine of the Navy of Argentina
  • aircraft ionolith. Unmanned Airborne Exhibition and Conference in Israel
  • Triton armored car. Fog Factory on Rybalsky. Ground Exploration Complex Jeb. Marines
  • The main issues of issue № 141: equipment SOF, agency DARPA

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