Rights Sector. Episode 9

0:50 Conversation of MIA with women-entrepreneur from Lviv ended in a hospital. We continue a theme of entrepreneurs' fight for work within the law and returning of markets to the communal property. (Beginning of a story in Episode 7)

8:27 Despite a strong campaign on discreditation of the new policy, judges of the Supreme Economic Court refused to go the old way. Election of a Head of SECU went surprisingly quietly this year. (Beginning of a story about the Supreme Economic Court in Episode 7, and in Episode 8)

14:35 Reorganization in Kyivpastrans makes people to literally go on rails. Conflict between the team of ATP 5 and the administration of Kievpastrans goes out to the public realm.

Expert of the issue - Olexandr Doniy, Head of Political Values ​​Research Center.

Tags: Rights Sector, Ukraine, corruption