"Rights Sector". Episode 8

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5f3r1BBFgI

1:22 Philosophical Fountain of Gregory Skovoroda - memory of the great wisdom or a reason for the municipal peculation? Civil asset of Podol repelled the Kiev City State Administration attack on their favorite fountain. But what will be the end of this story is not clear.

7:44 Is it possible to win the fight with "Kyivenergo"? During the Maidan "Kyivenergo" didn't swith off the heat in the Ukrainian House despite the workers' messages about the Emergency situation. However, after the Maidan it was swithed off from the heat, charged a huge bill and sued. How the legendary Ukrainian House survived the winter without heating.

14:54 Continuation of the epic under the Supreme Economic Court. Pocket Army from Gostomel and bogus requests for meetings. RIGHTS SECTOR goes on the trail. (Beginning of a storie with bribed rallies in Issue 7: http://bit.ly/1a9QfZ9)

Expert of the issue - Yuriy Karmazin, a lawyer, MP of four convocations.

Tags: Rights Sector, Ukraine, corruption