Euromaidan in photos


Young Ukrainians who have never lived in the Soviet Union as well as an older generation with progressive views have come out to express their desire to move closer to the European Union. Ukraine on November 30 postponed the decision to sign an association agreement with European Union. For various reasons President Viktor Yanukovych then refused to sign the agreement, which triggered mass protests and further upheaval in Ukraine, in the end forcing Yanukovych out of power and out of the country.

The previous so-called Orange revolution in 2004 did not bring any major changes to the way Ukraine is governed. The political system was perceived as thoroughly corrupt, which was a source of increasing public discontent. When the new/old government came to power in 2004 all it cared was stuff its own pockets.

The Revolution in Kiev in the winter 2013/2014 focused on corruption and social injustice in Ukraine. Protests started in November with students rallying in support of closer ties with the EU, and ended in February with shout-outs Maidan (Kiev’s Independence Square), which killed both anti-government protesters and police officers. More than 120 people including police officers were killed in the riots on Maidan. Ukraine’s younger generation, raised after the fall of the Soviet Union is ready and committed to a European future. The events on Maidan soon triggered the Russian annexation of Crimea, and the war in eastern Ukraine’s region of Donbass.

The Euromaidan multimedia project shows anti-government protesters fighting riot police in central Kiev. But they were not just fighting against government forces, but also against the entire corrupt government system.

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