Documentary "Music of Peace"


"It's a story about the journey made by the people, who concern and care for culture, who are aware of their missions and who are capable of introspection.

It's not a documentary film, it's just a documentary illustration of time and some undeniable human truths..."

In October 2014, within the 14th International Jazz Bez Festival, there was born the idea to hold some Peace Concerts in the just recently liberated East Ukrainian cities of Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and Druzhkivka. Those cities are still the part of the ATO zone (anti-terrorist operation in East Ukraine).

Within 96 hours we've crossed the borders of war and peace twice. The young Polish musicians and volunteers from Lviv (day-to-day they experience the horrible reality that is only 48 hours far from the city they live in) decided to bring a bit of peace and restfulness into the unbelievable chaos space. Their Music for Peace was joined by the surprisingly survived local representatives, by those who had managed in a few months  to endure numerous attacks, the armed seizure and occupation, the war and liberation. By those whose cherished desire was  just to live, and to live in peace.

There, side by side with the destroyed houses, broken windows, single shots, block-posts / checkpoints and their soldiers on guard duty overnighting in the trenches and dugouts, people who had survived the occupation and war, in the overcrowded concert halls – our Music for Peace was sounded, cordially perceived and appreciated.

​We've left those territories, conjoining our former and gained experience of the common [email protected]

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