"War Technologies": Updated parade uniform. 79K6 Pelican

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War Technologies #130. Topics:

  • 500 additional tanks for the Armed Forces
  • Updating of the new standard uniform
  • Conference of the State Research Institute, a seminar on defense procurement in European
  • AviaFest-2018. 5500 parts from the "Motor" plant for Su-24, Su-27, MiG-29
  • A junk on the water of the boat "Centaur". Couple "Gyurza-M" in Berdyansk. The Cabinet approved the receipt of boats Island. Denmark agrees to sell Flywefisken to us
  • Kiev Shipbuilding and Ship Repairing Plant repairs pontoon bridge fleet (PMP)
  • The best tank platoon
  • Kraz is guilty of 2 million IU. 50 updated Bogdan-2251 already in the troops. In Ukraine, the sanitary Dodge WC-54 was restored
  • Sniper rifles Artillery Z-10 and Savage-110 for DSH from Roshen
  • Invisible means of communication Molar Mic
  • AR15 DMR 24 "STS rifle from Waffen Schumacher
  • South Korean ground robotic systems. Self-propelled PTRK BTR M-2010 6x6 in DPRK. Polish command post vehicle Rosomak WD 8x8 (C2). Saudi Arabia shook a Canadian LAV 700 order
  • The first Chinese icebreaker Seyulun-2 (Snow Dragon). An unmanned vessel overcame the Atlantic Ocean
  • S-70i International Black Hawk Helicopter, Boeing KC-46A Pegasus for USA, Chinese Multipurpose FTC-2000G, Termination of CP-10 Project
  • Emptiness under the "Oriental" cosmodrome in the Russian Federation
  • International Expo Expo Korea 2018
  • Three-coordinate radar station 79К6 "Pelican"
  • Key issues of the next part: small arms cases, biological weapons

Tags: ATO, Ukraine, armored vehicles, war, weapon

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