"War technologies": UFO snipers weapon. Hydro Aviation

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMig1260HsI

Issue #135. Topics:

  • The order of the use of weapons and equipment in the event of aggression
  • What modern sniper rifles push the SRS to retire: Barett, Ramingron, Savage, McMillan, Surgeon, Weatherby, PGW, Zbroyar UAR-10 (Z-10), UAR-008 (Z-008), VPR- 308, VPR-338, Fort-301, processed by DSK. Sniper, marxman
  • List of service places for servicemen with wounds, disabilities, etc.
  • Su-27UB catastrophe and emergency landing F-15D Eaglean training "Clean Sky-2018"
  • Cancellation of the US embargo on the sale of weapons of Ukraine. Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate Offer
  • Means and results of liquidation of fires on an arsenal near the Primary
  • Tank fights in the city at NAU "Desna". Workout of T-64BV flooding
  • Dual-purpose projects "Sikorsky Challenge-2018"
  • 4 new barracks for contractors in the Old Believers. President Petro Poroshenko, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak. New facilities at the Estonian Air Base for NATO units
  • New Fibs from FAB Defense and OCCAM Defense Solutions. FN SCAR-L Party for the Bavarian Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • L3 Technologies and Harris Corporation
  • New skills of robots Atlas and Spot Mini
  • BMW e30 with engine from MiG-23. Mercedes G-class LAPV Armored Vehicles for Montenegro and Turangga
  • BREM M88A3 from BAE Systems
  • Descent of HMS Tamar patrol ship, PNS MOAWIN military equipment ship for Pakistan, commencement of the construction of a universal landing ship of the Americas type
    Fall of helicopters on the decks Dixmude (France) and USS Ronald Reagan (USA), accident of the training armored L-39 Russia and the Azov Sea, Hawk at the Air Force of Saudi Arabia. Hurricane Michael injured F-22, F-15, F-16, T-38, Mu-2
  • The history and the present of the hydro-aviation: A1 Triad, Donole-Age M-5, MBR-2, Catalina, Be-6, Be-12, Sikorsky S-61 Sea King, Mi-14
  • Topics of the next issue: TOP-5 dry rations of the world, modernization of BTR-60, BTR-70

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