"War Technologies": TOP-5 boots. Modernization of BTR-60, BTR-70

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1gBhwv3dvg


  • TOP-5 dry rations of the world: MRE (USA), DPNP-P (Ukraine), RCIR (France), SCFR (Italy), ORP (Great Britain) 
  • The technique of large-scale exercises of NATO Trident Juncture-2018 
  • "Ukroboronprom" transfers 37 enterprises of the State Property Fund. 2nd anniversary of the capture of the Atec plant. Engineering group "Arie" 
  • Major ship DSNS in Azov Sea was repaired. BG-32 Donbass
  • Modernized "Hurricane" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Quadrocycles for the 93 brigades under the "Stugna" SRTR replaced LUAZ-967
  • Construction of the suburban headquarters of the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence. The road near Volnovahy from the OOS 
  • Inspection of the Security Service of the SSU of the PMM of the Air Forces. The SBU found optics for weapons in the Kiev-Moscow train
  • Army of the Russian Federation has adopted the automatic machine ADS
  • Polish Army chooses an SUV. Presentation of armored carriers Linco and Puma M36 Mk-6C2
  • Russian deputy Ihor Zotov got stuck in a tank. BTR Patria or Vaud for Slovakia. Latvia received all M-109A5OE
  • A system for combat intelligence from FLIR
  • Russia will not launch a series of ships "Karakurts" project 22800. Canada chose Type 26. Descent into the water USS Delaware (SSN-791) and USS Vermont (SSN-792)
  • Thumbnail of the helicopter Racer Airbus Helicopters. Qatar has abandoned the Boeing E-737 DRC aircraft. Air Force Belgium has chosen F-35
  • Germany refuses to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia
  • International exhibition Euronaval-2018
  • Modernization of BTR-60 and BTR-70: BTR-70DI (BTR-7), BMM-70 Ark, BTR-60PB, BTR-70KBA-2, BTR-60MK, BTR-60T, BTR "Varan", BTR "Ataman 8x8"
  • The main topics of the next issue: Belts for small arms, radar stations of the family AN / TPQ

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