"War technologies": SOF & Velmet. Retro cars

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War technologies №122. SOF & Velmet. Retro cars Topics:

  • Special Operations Forces of Ukraine. Tactical outfit from the Ukrainian company Velmet 
  • Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak on the assembling of ammunition in the arsenal of the Armed Forces
  • Il-76 Air Forces returned from operation "North Falcon - 2018". 12 records from Mi-8MTV and Mi-38
  • A new classification of ships and boats of the Ukrainian Navy
  • Return to the system of anti-aircraft carriage systems "Cube" (2K12), "Tor" (9K330), С-125, С-300ПТ, С-300В1, С-200В - Fire Military Tank GPM-72 allowed to operate. Fire freight tanks Kras and emergency-rescue car on the basis of VOLKSWAGEN Caddy for DSNS of Zhytomyr region
  • Updating training centers
  • Removing from the warehouses of non-qualitative real property
  • Lightweight assault .50 BMG for United States Marines. Intelligent fire control system SMASH 2000
  • Renault Trucks Defense is now Arquus. UK sells 395 Panther FCLV. 400 Mercedes for the security forces of Algeria. Destruction of the Pantser-C1 in Syria
  • Turkish MKEK (Machines and Chemical Industries Board) tested 120-mm high-explosive tank armament
  • Unmanned minesweeper from Atlas Elektronik UK for the Navy of Great Britain. Frigate HDF-3000 for the Navy Philippines. Restoration of the 2nd US Navy
  • Collision of a Greek patrol boat and a heavy Turkish vessel. The 250-ton crane fell into the body of the 17A frigate at an Indian plant. The Russian Ka-52 catastrophe in Syria. Accident Embraer KC-390
  • Exhibition Sofex-2018
  • Retro cars during the Second World War on Old Car Land-2018. Mercedes 770. Opel Super 6. GAZ-61-73. Willys MB. Dodge WC-51. Sd.Kfz 11 Skoda

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