"War technologies": Pistol Holster. NIMR Armor

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War technologies №121. Pistol Holster. NIMR Armor:

  • Automated system of management of units in OUF. Operation of united forces
  • Pistol holster. Expert Advice
  • Russia is not in the TOP-3 on the cost of weapons
  • Explosions in Balaklia
  • BMV Kevlar-E. Tests of tracks from Kharkiv Aviation Plant
  • Vehicles for the National Police and the Kord. Around Thor
  • Javelin PTRK for the Armed Forces. Preparation of settlements. Georgia first showed Javelin
  • Refusal of the court to collect money from Trade Commerce for the Ministry of Defense
  • Russia builds second runway to Belbek
  • Promotion of Beretta APX Compact and APX Centurion. A series of twenty-seven rifles
  • A Tiger Tiger Tank Test in Indonesia
  • Raytheon Block IV Tomahawk Rockets. China has deployed rockets on disputed islands
  • (LCU) Mk.4 for the Navy of India. US arrested a Low-Profile Go-Fast Vessel
  • LPGFV drug trafficker
  • Presentation of the European Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance Remotely Piloted Aircraft (MALE) by 2018 at the ILA Berlin Air Show. Developers of Airbus, Leonardo, Dassault Aviation. The first demonstration of the Elbit Systems Hermes 900 drone in the border guards of Azerbaijan
  • Emergency landing of IL-38 Air Force Indus in Russia. The C-130 Hercules catastrophe in the United States. Su-30SM crashed in Syria
  • Armored Vehicles NIMR Automotive. AJBAN, HAFEET, Jais, RIV

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