"War technologies": Orientation. TOP-5 aircraft carriers

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War technologies №123. Orientation. TOP-5 aircraft carriers. Topics:

  • New sergeants' ranks of the Armed Forces
  • Orientation in the area. Compass, azimuth, pedometer
  • 270 tests of weapons and military equipment
  • Deputy Minister of Defense for the construction of military facilities
  • International Conference at the National Academy of Land Forces on Arms
  • Patent for a rocket for the "Dnepr" SCR. Trial LC "LUCH" export option TRTS "Skif". The seizure of property and the threat of the "Thunder" project
  • Military expert Sergey Zgurets on tanks T-64, "Bulat", "Oplot"
  • Armed Forces of the Joint Forces in the Donbass
  • Plastic care from Ukrainian and Canadian doctors
  • Sub-compact weapons for the United States
  • "Terminator" of Jordan with Ukrainian roots. PORK Corsair
  • Syrian Golan-1000 jet and T-72 trainer. M-55S Slovenia at the auction. M60 and Ukrainian "Zaslon-L"
  • LITAs for Sudan, Cameroon, Argentina and Austria
  • Russian squadron "Restless" on retirement. South Korean landing ship LPH 6112 Marado
  • TOP-5 of the newest aircraft carriers in the world. Italian aircraft carrier Cavour. Huan Carlos I L-61. Liaoning Whale.辽宁"Vikramadiyah" Sanskrit. विक्रमादित्य Jerald Ford CVN-78

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