"War technologies": Multitools. Fighter for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

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Issue 138. Topics:

  • Army of Ukraine in TOP-10 of Europe and TOP-30 of the world
  • Multitool, multi tool for the military. Options, views 
  • Armed Forces and Arms Forces Transmitted to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • The Cabinet has improved the conditions for funding the MOD and other law enforcement agencies. Foundation for the development of innovations
  • Turkish unmanned complex for Ukraine Bayraktar TB2. Poroshenko. Drones-saboteurs over arsenals. Sourcing in the Ichnia
  • Excavator-scheduler UDS 114 on the basis of Kraz for DSNS in Donetsk region. Guarantor-M to protect the movement of military columns
  • Purchase of MT-LB, BMP-2, Т-64, Т-72 simulators for the Training Center "Desna"
  • Laboratory for cooking at the Odessa Military Academy
  • Mask with cameras K9 Vision System for French special forces
  • New body armor for the Marines and the US Army
  • A line of Czech beats. Machine gun from SIG Sauer under the cartridge .338 NM
  • Pickup Chevrolet Silverado ZH2 for the military. 36 DMV Anaconda 4 × 4 for the Netherlands moorings
  • Frigates for Japan from Mitsubishi. Problems with supplying the Meko A200. Norway lost a warship
  • US does not supply to Pakistan ready Bell AH-1Z Viper. For the TF-X, the engine is F110-GE-129 or F110-GE-132 Iranian fighter Kosar went to the series
  • Exhibitions Indo Defense 2018 and China Airshow 2018
  • Substitution of MiG-29 and Su-27. New Fighter For Air Forces of Ukraine: used, created alone or joint production? Su-57 and F-35
  • Main topics of the next issue: some elements of infrastructure 169 training center "Desna", TOP-5 unsuccessful samples of small arms

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