"War technologies": Equipment for dogs. IFV AJAX (Scout SV)

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFhVk6oafo8


  • Equipment for dogs in the war. Unloading vests and body armor
  • US lobbyists for Ukrinmash
  • Operation North Falcon-2018. IL-76 Helicopters H-125 for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
  • Patrol boats of the type Island from the United States for the UAF. 10 Cathars and 102 cars for the National Police
  • Morozov KB. Serial issue BREM «Atlet» based on tank Oplot. Complex of active protection "Shershen"
  • Diving equipment for the 184 training center
  • Head of the General Staff Victor Muzhenko and UAR-10. UAR-8 Month of voluntary surrender of weapons
  • A new mattress, feather and pillow for the Ukrainian army
  • Automatic L85A3 for the British Army. United States Marines change sniper M40A6 to Mr13 Mod7
  • Jump LVTP-7. Updated Armor vehicle BOV. Return of England to GTK Boxer. Experimental AMPV for the US Army
  • Metal Shark 45 Defiant boats for Vietnam. LST-2 landing ship for South Korea. The first aircraft carrier in China was first launched
  • Air crash of the week. CH-53, Bell SH-212, AV-8B, F-15K, F-16
  • FIDAE-2018 Exhibition in Chile
  • AJAX infantry fighting vehicle for the English Army. CV-90. ASCOD-2. Griffin Tank from General

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