"War technologies": Prosthetics of warriors. TOP-5 military museums. Issue 115

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War technologies №115. Topics:

  • Ukraine and Qatar: military-technical cooperation
  • Prosthetics of limbs for fighters ATO, OOS
  • Start of tenders for the construction of residential complexes for contractors
  • New Procurement Procedures at DK "Ukroboronprom"
  • An-225 "Mriya" flight after modernization
  • The detention of the security guard of the seller T-64 MB "Bulat" and suppliers of the Russian Navy in Berdyansk
  • The law on the prohibition of weapons in the premises of government agencies. Nadiya Savchenko in the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces
  • Ulyanovsk cartridge manufactures 338Lapua Mag. and 308Win. Pistols M17 and M18 for US Marine Corps. WBP Rogów parses ACMS for Arms of America
  • New modifications of Tiger Armor. NMS 4x4 for Qatar QSA. Send Avenger AN/TWQ-1 to Europe
  • VBTP-MR "Guarani" for Brazil. Refurbished on AMX-D30 Vulcano. Unmanned Tank Type 59 (T-54)
  • Chinese Rail Station on Huanggang Shan - MRTP 24/U boats and training boats for Qatar. Baptism of HMS "Trent". Introduction to the US Navy USS Colorado
  • The Raytheon drones complex based on the Polygamy Polygon MRZR buggy
  • Reconstruction of airplanes B-17F and B-17G. The BAE Hawk catastrophe in the UK and F-16 in Turkey. The fighters shot down the Su-24 Air Force Syria
  • TOP-5 world museums of military equipment. State Museum of Aviation of Ukraine. Museum of tank machinery "Yad Le Sharion" (Israel). Royal Museum of Army and Military History (Belgium). Imperial War Museum (Great Britain). National Museum of Aviation and Astronautics (USA)

Tags: ATO, Ukraine, armored vehicles, war, weapon

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