"War Technologies": "Hetman Sahaidachny". Battle robots

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XreVNhy9XvQ

Issue 87:

  • Video contest for soldiers ATO "My technique of war"
  • Fregat "Getman Sagaidachny" and Ka-27PS. 25 years of the Navy of Ukraine
  • Restoration of military facilities in the Odessa region
  • The descent into the water of two armored carriers "Gyurza-M"
  • 50 units An-178 for China. An-26 for the AF of the Armed Forces
  • New rules for writing off lost equipment in ATO
  • Tests of the missile Corsair
  • The MDU chooses a Turkish connection
  • A party of new field daydays or suckers
  • Blows up the cars in Ukraine. Colonel GUR Maxim Shapoval
  • MTV International 7000MV trucks for Iraq. Belgium selects Jaguar EBRC and Griffon VBMR armored vehicles
  • Azerbaijan received 9K123 "Chrysanthemum-C", Central Environmental Protection Agency - 2С19М2 "Masta-C", ZVO-T-72B3M. In Minsk, T-72 crashed into the pillar
  • F-16 will be built in India. China has acquired amphibious Be-200 and Be-103 amphibious aircraft in Russia. The latest H-145M helicopter for Germany. Ratheon Laser AH-64 Apach
  • The first flight of the aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth". Chinese destroyer of project 055. Ships of project 22160 "Pavel Derzhavin" and "Sergey Kotov" are being built in Kerch
  • Man-like battle robots

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