"War technologies". Fort 250. "Centaur-LK" boat

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Issue 142. Topics:

  • Armed Forces of Ukraine - 27 years
  • New Fort-250 rifle
  • Aviators were provided with upgraded and restored MiG-29, Su-27C1M, L-39, Mi-8MT, Spectator-M
  • "Neptun" rocket hits 280 km. 1 billion to the military-industrial complex's ammunition
  • Shipyard "Ocean" sold. Completion of repair of the missile boat "Priluki". Descent into water UMS-1000PC
  • Public order in engineering group "Arey"
  • Ukrzaliznytsia buys small arms
  • The Law "On Mine Action in Ukraine". Distribution of Donbass
  • LMT rifles for the Estonian Army. Caribbean Sig Sauer MPX-C. Pruning DX-12
  • Microsoft HoloLens for the US Army. BAE Systems Supplemented reality system on ships
  • A train with troops has turned over in the Omsk region
  • Guardian Boat for Papua New Guinea and Gowind for Argentina. Zumwalt is re-profiled
  • MFA-395 Super Mushak training aircraft for Azerbaijan. Bankruptcy Piagio Airspace. Spain wants a 6-generation fighter plane
  • International Exhibitions Japan Airspace-2018 and EDEX-2018
  • Armored assault aircraft of the project 58503 "Centaur-LC". Interview with Sergey Belozubenko, the chief designer of the "Smith on Rybalsky" plant. Test with 36 Marine Corps
  • The main topics of the next issue: grenade launchers and TOP-5 private military companies

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