"War technologies": Exhibition "Arms and Security'2018"

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"War technologies" №134. Exhibition "Arms and Security'2018"

  • News of the international exhibition "Arms and Security", "Aviasvit-XXI", "Protection Technologies"
  • Camouflage "Mavka" for the MTS of Ukraine
  • The updated summer, demi-season, winter zips for the Armed Forces
  • Parachute systems of special purpose
  • Armored First Aid
  • Glow-protection device of modular design
  • Gel fuel for heating
  • Solar batteries for the military
  • Used field kitchens from Germany
  • Memorandums with Aselsan and Excalibur Army. Thailand liked BTR-4MB1
  • The technique is involved in the elimination of explosions at the 6th arsenal in the Ichni. Peter Poroshenko about 15 new warehouses. Renewal of the 65 Arsenal Chief in Balaklia 
  • F-15 fighters of the National Guard of the USA on exercises "Clean Sky-2018". Motor Sich and Antonov Agreement for An-2. An attempt to steal the Mi-8 engines
  • Contract of the factory "Smith on Rybalsky" regarding repair of ship engines for the Navy
  • Penalty and penalty from Zhitomir armored factory 
  • Map of mined areas of Ukraine
  • Rifle Sig Sauer M400 TREAD, smoothbore Remington V3 TAC-13. 6.8 mm caliber for the US Army under the NGSW (Next Generation Squad Weapons) program.
  • New armored car Superior APC / AMEV
  • Lynx by Raytheon and Rheinmetall. American M-109A5, M-992A2 for Brazil. Construction of the prototype of the artillery complex for the Russian air forces "Lotus"
  • French Octopoda boats. The first Soryu submarine on lithium-ion batteries in Japan 
  • India buys Russia-400 "Triumph". The S-300 is powerless in front of F-35 Air Force Israel
  • The appearance of the Chinese bomber, Hong-20. Fighter 5 generation to replace the Mitshubishi F-2 in Japan. Russia closed project of heavy drone drone "Altair"
  • Exhibition "Homeland Security Expo-2018" in Vietnam
  • New products of the international exhibition "Weapons and Security 2018"
  • New Snipex rifle
  • Silent mortar "Shepit"
  • Gun TSC-90
  • RZZ BM-21UM "Berest"
  • Robotic ground systems "Hound" and "Ironclad"
  • Mobile equipment for suppressing drone "Polonez" and "Khortytsia-R"
  • The system of determining the psychological and emotional state of man - artificial intelligence to assist military psychologists
  • Themes of the next issue: which specimens of sniper rifles are superseded by SRS in the Donbass, hydro-aviation of Ukraine and the world

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