"War technologies": Cossack's arches. Chemical weapons

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTVFe_WddKM

Issue 119. Topics:

  • Cossacks and their equipment, weapons, transport
  • The NBU can not affect the reduction of loans for enterprises of the MIC of Ukraine
  • The first flight of MSB-2 Nadija. Lutsk airfield. 204 brigade
  • Unmanned Spectator-M in the STSU. Drone with the words "We are near" in Sevastopol
  • Preparation of T-84 for Panzer Strong Europe
  • India orders spare parts in Autokraz. Truck Freight Building Day
  • Adaptation of TRCS Skif to a foreign customer
  • Enemy form for the OPFOR of the Armed Forces
  • System of suppression of TV channels rf and ldnr. The FM Army is already in Kreminna
  • SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry for the Danish Army. Sniper rifle Cosmos from Udacchi. IWA 2018
  • The Tigon 6x6 Armor. Russians lost T-72 on their way to Khabarovsk
  • ATMOS ATMOS from Elbit Systems for the Seaweeds of Thailand
  • Adoption of a ballistic missile on China's armament. Combat application AGM-158B. NSM missile for the navy of Malaysia
  • Unmanned rocket WATTOZZ. Construction of a light aircraft carrier TCG Anadolu. Test LCC 100 landing gear.
  • The first flight of the Sun Flyer electric plane 2. The multipurpose fighter J-10C for the Chinese Air Force. Volga-Dnepr no longer transports NATO
  • Defense Services Asia Exhibition (DSA-2018)
  • Chemical weapons. Blind Hitler. "Newcomer". Poisoning of Violinist and Litvinenko. The history of combat use in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Iran, Iran, Syria. Attack on the Duma. Russia

Tags: ATO, Armed Forces of Ukaine, Ukraine, armored vehicles, war, weapon, cossacks