"War technologies". Compact artillery. TOP-5 of PMC

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Isse 143. Topics:

  • Spark Factory and Prozorro system. DC "Ukroboronprom"
  • Nominal grenade launchers M-32, M-79, M-203, GP-25, UAG-40. USA, USSR, Ukraine
  • Armored Varta, BTR-7, T-80 for the new 35th Marine Corps
  • Construction on the Shirokiy Lan. Houses for contractors
  • A new testing center of CB "Pivdenne". Updated Shop of Shepetivka Repair Plant. The fine of the Kyiv Armored Plant for the National Guard
  • S-300 training in the Donbas
  • High-speed boat VSS-85 for the police
  • A new optic-sight station of the OPSN-I. Izyum instrument-making plant
  • VIS 100 pistols for the Polish army. The arrest of President Sig Sauer of the United States
  • A new base of the navy of Turkey near Sochi
  • The first batch of LMV-2 armored vehicles (Lince 2) for the Italian army
  • BREM for Domodedovo Airport. Firefighter of the Marine Corps FNSS. Leopard 2A6 tank at a parade in Finland
  • SAKR Egyptian RZZV on the chassis GAZ -3308. Serbian self-propelled gauge 267/122 mm on the basis of KamAZ-6560
  • Transfer of the first flight of Defiant (SBD) propeller. Lockheed Martin F-16V Viper Block 70/72 for Slovak Air Force. Layout of the J-20 fighter in the USA
  • Patrol ship of the coastal zone Omiš. The third Zumwalt was launched on the water. Britain invests in the Dreadnought Submarine
  • Top 5 private military companies: Academi (USA), Group 4 Securicor (United Kingdom), Asgaard German Security Group (Germany), Wagner VPC (Russia)
  • Themes of the next issue: Sniper Tracking Point, "Immortal" Wheels with Runflat for Armored Vehicles

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