"War technologies": Cleaning of small arms. Complex SA-80

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrPx0Q51nfY

"Вар technologies" #129. Cleaning of small arms. Complex SA-80. Topics:

  • Engineering and personnel at Rapid Trident-2018
  • Means for cleansing a weapon of warfare. Tips and advice of fighters and experts
  • SC "Ukroboronprom" - 7 years
  • The raider capture of the "Kvant" plant
  • Our Su-27 air show in the Czech Republic. Repair of helicopters for the Turkish gendarmerie. Part of used helicopters from 55 for the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • NSC "Iskra" sold US radar 36D6M1-1
  • Devices for checking fuel quality for the UAF
  • Particular systems Ikarus-400, Commodore-210 and Commodore-230 for 11 brigade
  • Camouflage Font for snipers. Tests of new body armor and helmets. Boots for fire fighters
  • 7-color monocular FLIR Breach and ThermoSight Pro
  • Searches for the machine gun maker M240 for the US Army. Its 240LW version (LWS) from Barrett
  • Presentation of armored vehicles AMZ TUR VI and MAJA
  • AS21 Redback BMP, Merkava Mk based CMS, upgraded Striker for Javelin
  • Submarine of type S26T for Thailand, the first Egyptian frigate Gowind, the flagship of Philipin on the shore and the breakdown of the engine of the Russian boat "Flawless"
  • Contract for small series MQ-25A Stingray. A pair of Pilatus PC-21 for the French Air Force
  • International Exhibition of Arms MSPO-2018 in Poland
  • British infantry gun SA-80. New L85A3

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