"War Technologies": Bars of obstacles. Bad weapons

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Issue #139. Topics:

  • Budget of the Armed Forces of Ukraine-2019
  • Leader reaction band. Training of contractors and sergeants. Infrastructure. 169th Training Center "Desna"
  • Restoration of construction at the wide lawn range. Resurrected the Dolgintsev airfield
  • Refutation of the purchase of Turkish drone drone. Tests of compatibility of terrestrial robotic systems and multicopters
  • Factory "Smith on Rybalsky" sold. Poroshenko Kononenko Tigipko
  • The troops handed over T-72, BTR-3, Varta and Novator armored vehicles, Delta radar, 82-mm mortars, antitank missile complex Stugna and Corsar. Greek thermal view camera for ATMC Corsar
  • Pre-term performance of the contract for Bogdan 2251. Vehicles for the Explosion Technicians of the National Police
  • The testing of the FORT-28 gun has been completed
  • M-TAС has handed over to the GOKH insulated covers for the wounds of the wounded
  • P-320X Pistols for the Norwegian Police. Suspending the replacement G-36 rifles
  • Groundless drone berserk with aviation guns. 70 robotic systems and drones in the training of the British Army
  • Altay tank goes into the series
  • Stealth frigate 17A for India. Hydrographic Vessel for Morocco. Repair of aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle completed
  • Completion of the assembly of the Leonardo Helicopter. Chinese concept for controlling swarms of drones MR-40, MR-150
  • F-3R fighter aircraft for the French Navy and Air Force. Eurofighter Typhoon flies 500,000 hours
  • Northrop T-38 Talon and F/A-18
  • TOP-5 unsuccessful samples of small arms. Machine-gun "Chauchat" (France). Revolver "NAGAN" (Belgium-Russia). Gun machine gun STEN (UK). Automatic Pistol "Drotik" (Russia). "Nambu" Pistol (Japan)
  • The main issues of Issue № 140: the fate of bulwarks Vulcan (Malyuk), Fort-221, Fort-224 and armored vehicles "Triton"

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