"War technologies": Automatic pistols. Eurosatory-2018

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TSriEoGQiU

War technologies №127. Automatic pistols. Eurosatory-2018. Topics:

  • President Poroshenko supported the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on testing of weapons
  • Automatic pistols. Glock-18, HK VP-70, Beretta 93R, APS (Styechkin automatic gun), APB
  • Ukrainian aviators at the Danish Air Show-2018
  • Helicopters CT-112 and VV-2
  • Restrictions for unmanned aerial vehicles from the State Aviation Service of Ukraine - Readiness of tank units OUF. Dysbat for sales of dynamic protection "Knife" from armor
  • Minister Stepan Poltorak looked at the War-Novator. Armament of Strukha and Kormar. Armor Kozak-5 for DSNS. Processing ZIL-131 and GAZ-66 in the STSU
  • Removing weapons from Donbass from an officer. Verification of police vigilance from blogger Valery Ananiev
  • In the Armed Forces of Ukraine 266 official dogs
  • Cobra 2020 equipment for the Brazilian Army
  • Purchase of gun pistols for the US Sub Compact Weapons (SCW)
  • Modernization of the M72 FFE from Norway. French MMP and Mistral-3 MANPADS
  • Chinese hackers and missiles of the United States Navy. Polonez and Laura complexes in Azerbaijan. Nuclear disarmament in North Korea
  • Laser weapon from Aselsan
  • Modernization of the US, Peru and Brazil fleets
  • The start of the MQ-4C Triton combat interlace
  • News of the international exhibition in Paris "Eurosatory-2018". Armored vehicles Uro Vamtac, Arquus Scarabee, 4GEN Sandcat, Hyrax, PARS 4X4, Patria 6X6, APVT, EMBT, Safran Patroller, Rafael systems. Ukroboronprom Azerbaijan Russia. Pacifists.

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