"War technologies": Auto simulators. TOP-3 large-caliber machine guns

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War technologies #120

  • The cost of keeping a soldier for the Armed Forces
  • Automobile simulators for the army. ЗіЛ 135 ЛМ, KAMAZ, Ural, УАЗ, MAZ 543 and 537 Training Center of the Ground Forces "Desna"
  • Finish launch tests of the rocket "Velyka". President Petro Poroshenko
  • An-178 and An-77 on Eurasia Airshow-2018. SBU investigates attempt to sell Motor Sich shares
  • Autogyros from "Horse" for military tasks
  • 10-hryvnia coin on the 100th anniversary of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. Sale of property and land of the Nikolaev Shipyard for debts for debts
  • Ukrainian BTRs-80 and T-84 tanks on Combined Resolve X. The new tanker for 17 separate tank brigades
  • Battle module "Buplet" for BMP-2 / Sentinel
  • Financing the survivability of warehouses and arsenals
  • All-Martial Competition "Best Invention of the Year"
  • The growth of Russian weapons in the occupied Crimea from 2013
  • Innovative devices for small arms FN SmartCore, FCU Mk3, FN Expert. Contract with Česká Zbrojovka concerning the manufacture of weapons in Hungary CZ
  • Yagu and SISU GTP armored vehicles
  • Chinese VN17. BMC will produce Altay
  • Agreement between Canada and Japan on Mutual Use of Military Property
  • USS Portland shipwreck (LPD-27) under the laser weapon was introduced. Test aircraft carrier Type 001A. Subamarina Nagapasa
  • KRI Ardadedali for the Navy of India
  • ATHENA system for the destruction of Lockheed Martin drones. Manipulator Control Unmanned Manning Unmann Teaming (MUM-T). The arrest of the Director General of the OKB named after Simonov in the Russian Federation
  • India has abandoned the joint Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) program with Russia on the basis of PAK FA (T-50, Su-57)
  • TOP-3 large-caliber machine guns. 12.7-mm modernized machine gun Degtyarev-Spagina (SSHKM), NSV-12.7 Utios, Browning M2. USA. The USSR

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