"War technologies" №137. Belts for weapons. Radar AN/TPQ

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  • 120 ships and boats in the Azov Sea
  • One-point, two-point, three-point straps for small arms. Third Hand MIC News. Ukraine and the world
  • Training complex of firefighters at 184 training center
  • Shooting of the Air Forces near the Crimea. ZRK С-125М1. С-300В1. Osa AKM. Beech M1. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov
  • Naval aviation of Ukraine is 25 years old. Mine barriers with Mi-8 in OOS
  • Factory tests of the boat "Centaur". Preparation of crews for "Island". Repair BG-118 Arabate for DSNS
  • 7 BTR-4 with new armor for the army
  • Determination departmental tests Bars-8MMK. Suspicion of money laundering by the Director of "Artillery armament"
  • New workshop of CB "Pivdenne". The machine for collecting 7,62х54R caliber bits for "SpetsTechnoEksport"
  • ZTK-1/C satellite stations for the UAF
  • Intelligent sighting system from BAE Systems
  • SUV Beast Patrol for the Dubai Police. Jaguar and Griffon Armor for the Belgian Army. New version of armored car RG31
  • Digital vision for Norwegian armored vehicles from Saab. Exclusive Chinese artillery self-propelled on the base of ZBL-08
  • Russian anti-shotgun REX-1. Algeria has bought unmanned aerial vehicles CH-3 and CH-4. The first flight of the new UAVs in China
  • Tank discharging and firing rockets Gripen E. The Iraqi T-50IQ Combat Aircraft Party
  • OSCE has lost UAV on Donbass. In Afghanistan, the Mi-8 fell. Drowned Doc PD-50 and Damaged Cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov
  • Colombian MMI boats for the Honduras Navy. The second Hobart ship for Australia. New mini-submarine and unmanned boat china
  • American AN/TPQ-36, AN/TPQ-48, AN/TPQ-49 on service in the Ukrainian Army
  • The main topics of the next issue: multitools, a fighter for the Air Forces of the Armed Forces

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