War technologies №126. Combined shooting. Complex "Vylkha"

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-sbid3qMmI


  • Shooting in different conditions, distances, weapons and auxiliary devices
  • Su-24МR, Su-25М1К, Mi-2МSB-V for the UAF
  • Equipment for DP "Antonov". The death of Victor Tolmachov, the author of An-124 "Ruslan" and An-225 "Mriya"
  • OOS shot down Russian drone "Orlan-10". Air Defense in the East
  • Strong Europe Tank Challenge-2018 and our platoon on T-84. Results
  • Party Bogdan-6317. Masked under the trucks "Grady" ldnr
  • New fasteners for Uarms helmets
  • Device "third hand" for a machine gunner. Pistol of 1911 TRP
  • Pandur EVO 6x6 for Austria. PMMC G5 for Norway. Tests of remotely controlled BMP-3 with AU-220M
  • NSM missiles for the US Navy from Raytheon. Test of a boat of the type "Sargan" near Feodosia. Type-054A Contract for Pakistan
  • The components of the AH-64 Apache are manufactured in India. TC-90 "King Air" for the Philippines Navy. The first four F-35B for the UK
  • Belarus flying grenade launcher. Personalized Flyer Kitty Hawk. Transportation of the medical mannequin on the Cormorant Unmanned Aircraft
  • Rocket complex "Vylkha". Viprobuvannya. Poroshenko. Poltorak. Turchynov. Korostilov

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