"War technollogies". Issue 128

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3Kw6xEShNk

TV show "War technollogies". Issue 128.

  • Artillery targets of the past and the present
  • The needs of the Ukrainian army in 2019
  • Corps BTR-4 by the Malyshev Plant. Dynamic protection elements Contact for T-64 and T-72. Third evolution of "transparent armor" by LimpidArmor
  • Mobile Laboratory of Food and Servicing Radar in the Armed Forces. 3 medical buses Torsus Praetorian 4×4 in the National Guard. Bogdan-3373 from the State Tax Administration
  • Test of non-controllable avaracet 80 mm "Oskol" caliber and anti-ship cruise missile. 152 mm artillery shells by "Artem" go to the army
  • Sniper Guinness Snipex M100
  • Parachute system "Falcon", armored trousers from "Ukrainian armor". Tests of new gloves and summer boots in 95 brigade
  • Arquus Trapper Military SUV. Armored Hospital Truck in the Saudi Army
  • Israel's Nemera BMP based on the Merkava Mk4 tank. The USA has reworked M48 on BMP-3. Completion of the running tests of Kaplan MT
  • New PVL-203 patrol boat for Estonia. Italy sends 12 boats to Libya. Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier training with F-35B
  • Direct link system for airplanes and submarines
  • UK buys Drone Dome. New, secret unmanned aerial view of the Celestial Empire. 26 days in the sky - the record for the Airbus Zephyr S dron
  • Mysterious military airfield in the desert of China. Lithuania builds NATO airfield near Russia
  • Presentation of the fuselage of the helicopter T-625. Official presentation of the V-280 Valor. The first Iranian fighter Kowsar. Frozen F-35 sale to Turkey
  • Track and chassis for SAUs. "MTAA-C", "MSTA-B", "Bogdan", BM "Oplot", SAU Krab

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