The Sky is Falling (The Film)


The Sky is Falling: Three Months In the Life of Ustym Holodnyuk

A film about the ideals that filled the hearts of Ustym and his peers during three months of the revolution. Ustym’s character is revealed not through stories told by his family or friends or what he did, but instead through his concerns and motivations for which he stood on the Maidan. It is a personal story told plainly and directly by people from his generation about their shared experience. That experience reveals a sense of community with Ustym, not as a historical figure but like a dear friend whose pain and tragedy of fate becomes your own.

This film forces the audience to not just feel remorse for a 19 year old who died on Institutstka Street three years ago, but also experience an anguish for their own wasted hopes and absence of initiative.

We continue to live in the moment epitomized as “the morning of February 20, 2014” when only a few went up the hill along Institutstka Street while at the same time, hundreds of thousands of others say “I’d have to be stupid to put myself in harm’s way.”

Tags: Euromaidan, Kyiv, Heavenly hundred, Revolution Of Dignity, Ukraine