"Technology War": Crossfit in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Tuning ATO

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VudppTFh-DQ

Topics in this issue #40:

  • Introduction Crossfit in power structures Ukraine
  • President introduced a secure videoconferencing with regions
  • Observation flight over Ukraine and Russia on US airplane OS-135B
  • Putin's tanks and gun systems in the occupied territories of Ukraine
  • 10 Dozor-B for 95 oambr
  • ATO soldiers are not happy with mortars M-120-15 "Hammer"
  • Award "Steel Cross" of enemy vehicles
  • New model for AR-15 and M-16
  • Armour vehicle AMPV5 by Reinmetall at the Land Cruizer 79 for SWAT Belgium
  • BMP undermining the Donbas. Cars with ammunition derailed Sakhalin. BPAK Somalia in the form of a bird. Killed French helicopter in Libya. Clash of the British submarine at Gibraltar
  • Modernization nuclear shield in the UK for $ 40 billion. Corvette Navy Algeria. Tests Polish ship project Cormoran 2
  • The first alert of Israel "David sling"
  • 15 thousand US guided bombs to UAE
  • People tuning for ATO. The parallels with the movie Mad Max

Tags: ATO, Armed Forces of Ukaine, Ukraine, armored vehicles, weapon