"Technique of War". Equipment of the SOF. DARPA

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Issue 141. Topics:

  • Military situation in 10 regions of Ukraine
  • Equipment of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine
  • The growth of Russian troops near the borders with Ukraine
  • Russian attack on "Berdyansk", "Nikopol", "Yani Kapu". Capture Ukrainian sailors. "Meeting" of Trump and putin
  • Two Mi-8 for DSNS
  • New tactics of the use of BMP in OOS
  • New cars for the military units of the courier-mail service
  • Awarding winners of the All-army competition "Best invention of the year"
  • Ukroboronprom at IDEAS-2018 in Pakistan
  • Device against motion sickness
  • New intelligence system from Elbit Systems
  • Descent into the frigate water for the Navy of Mexico. Shipwreck of the Naval Aircraft Carrier of Brazil "Sao Paulo"
  • Naval and aviation disasters of the week
  • H-145M for Serbian Air Force. Test of the Ponienne U-HX. F-35 for Japan and Israel
  • Aviation unmanned aerial vehicles
  • US Army Agency DARPA. Ukrainian GARPA
  • The main topics of the next issue are: "Centaur" boats, Fort-250 and similar systems

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