Rights Sector. Issue 14

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBLMaiIO1MY

Episode themes:

1:24 Raiders in the Ministry of Coal Industry. Conflict around "Krasnolymanska" mine led miners to the Parliament.

10:06 What's more important - the form or the content? Instead of creating a computer platform for Administrative Centers, officials allocated money for uniforms.

17:04 Hostages of schemes in Kiev City State Administration. Till now flats on Klavdiyivska street were repaired only for 2 of 30 Chernobyl disabled. Beginning of a story in Issue 12: http://bit.ly/1X5Yxoj

Experts of the issue: expert on campaigns for civil rights Eduard Kurganskyi, former Head of Solomenska district administration Petro Makarenko and lawyer, expert of the RPR-Kyiv Eduard Tregubov.

Tags: Rights Sector, Ukraine, corruption