Rights Sector. Issue 12

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boIsBucEh8M

1:18 Introduction of cash registers is assumed from 1 July. Who is lobbying the transition of single tax payers to the PPO and in whose interests?

12:44 Hostages of Kiev City State Administration schemes. Due to machinations in the housing department invalids of Chornobyl were settled in concrete boxes.

17:55 Saving injured or receiving grants? About the difficult choice of management of the Medical University named after Bogomolets.

After completing the assembling of program, we received an information that the University of Bogomoletz have found opportunities and the blood analyzer started working. We hope that free clinical care will also be resumed soon, especially for the ATO soldiers. Rights Sector will continue to monitor the situation.

Expert of the issue - Olexandr Plyva, All-Ukrainian association of small and medium-sized businesses "Fortress".

Tags: Rights Sector, Ukraine, corruption