Rights Sector. Episode 5

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz_jv7V7cKc

"Russian pharmacy business in Ukraine". 1.10 In whose interests does our prosecutor's office act?

"MAFs and the mafia". 9.47 Chairman of the "Kyyivblahoustriy" talks about the elimination of MAF's by the law and by the "concepts".

"Informational war in Obolon Shanghai." 17.38 Who and why announced a city activist as a "raider".

"Severe injury and amputation during the raid of "Self Defense" of the Left Coast". 24.30 Is there any mechanism for state aid for victims and their families?

Expert of the fifth episode - Victor Smaliy, a lawyer and human rights activist.

Tags: Kyiv, Rights Sector, Ukraine, corruption