Rights Sector. Episode 4

"Migration, - hey!". 1.10 In the history of the problematic registration, immigration agencies officials does not appear in the courts, and can not found in the office the victim's complaint, but "Rights Sector" does not weaken his grip.

"In Europe there are no queues on the apartment." 5.33 Not the way we solve our housing problems. Experience of England, France, Switzerland, the 70/30 and 50/50 programs are launched in Ukraine.

"MAFs and the mafia." 9.47 and 16.05 Mafia wars in Kiev City State Administration with MAFs mafia continues. What benefits from the struggle will receive Kiev residents?

"Civilians and Media. The strength - in the unity!" 22.07 Association of Independent Media and civil society activists allows us to achieve concrete results in the fight against the corrupt system. The first results of the "Rights Sector" cycle.

Expert of the fourth episode - Vladimir Bondarenko, deputy of the city council from the "Batkivshchyna", the head of Kiev City State Administration within three months after the Maidan.

Tags: Kyiv, Rights Sector, Ukraine, corruption