Previously unpublished video of events at the Maidan, 22.01.2014


Two years ago on 22 January 2014 the Ukrainian revolution has collected the first dead people. That day I was busy with photos and text, besides I got little poisoned with gas. At that time I didn't arrange  weighty  video. Now I publish these entire video files for the first time.

The most note-worthy things here:  

- The camera goes across the whole Independence (Maidan) square, formation of one of the self'defence detachments  at the Trade Union building.

- ’Bercut' attacks on Grushevski street, using guns blindly as well, one  volley fires the park zone, the slope, where idlers gathered.  

- One of 'Bercut's commanders shouts the detachment members in Ukrainian language: " Zakarpatie! Come here! Everybody! Follow me!'

- There is also another rather symbolic phrase pronounced via the megaphone in the video: 'Another time: don't make any step forward  without my order. they have their  own commanders, they fulfil their own tasks. We have our own commanders, we fulfil our own tasks'

- Wounded people. The Maidan counter-attack.

- Work of medical volunteers and the press.

Tags: Euromaidan, Berkut, Hrushevskoho, Maidan, Revolution Of Dignity, Ukraine