Lesya Litvinova. Ukraine's Next Generation

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_9GL_hc3vM

Lesya Litvinova used to direct TV shows. Now she’s directing something completely different: a volunteer help center in Kyiv for the people who fled from homes in the annexed Crimea and the occupied territory in the east of Ukraine. These people have not made headlines around the world and have mostly relied on assistance from volunteers such as Lesya and her team who have helped thousands.


"Ukraine's Next Generation" is a series of 35 short videos about Ukrainians changing their country. It could be about saving an old movie theater or fighting corruption, about making a city more friendly or launching an online database, but it always requires someone's initiative and a group effort. The project's heroes make these changes happen instead of sitting and waiting until someone else solves every problem.

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