"Jingle Bells" in Ukrainian language by "Shpylyasti Kobzari"

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bx4S2YGS48

The Ukrainian band "Shpylyasti kobzari" performed the world famous Christmas song "Jingle Bells" in Ukrainian accompanied by banduras. They filmed an unusual New Year music video in order to find a new home for six homeless puppies.

The idea of the music video and the song lyrics belong to Ukrainian poetess Oksana Borovets who is involved in a "Bandura Style" project, that promotes a traditional Ukrainian music instrument - bandura. "Our point of view is that except having fun, we should give an eye to other important things as well. Lyrics of the song have its straightforward target which is to help this puppies to find their new owners. Here is the lirycs: We wish everybody to find their own home this magical evening".

Such an extraordinary song was created just in one day and the music video was filmed in 3 days. The leader of the band Yaroslav Dzhus who is also responsible for bandura parts, explained that the project became successful thanks to the big support. "We are grateful for the help to our friends.

The band continues to do their experiments with bandura. After performing Adele's "Hello", a lot of people discovered bandura and other people found out the potential of this instrument. There is a wide range of things one can do with bandura: that can be not only a cover of a world well-known song in Ukrainian style, but also different projects like this one.

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