Documentary "Hottabych and his team"


Previously, Hottabych had worked as a steel worker and financial director. After events on Maidan, he has voluntary gone as a medic to ATO zone (anti-terrorist operation zone) with the 1st National Guard Battalion

In a year Illya Lysenko named Hottabych managed to create a team of five crews which rescue the wounded soldiers from the hot spots. Often, men and women who are members of Hottabych team have been under fire, gone to the territories controlled by terrorists and risked their lives for the wounded soldiers’ sake.

Film crew:

Sergiy Lysenko – director

Sergiy Lysenko – cameraman

Andriy Lisetsky – cameraman

Dmytro Meleshchenko – cameraman

Oleksandr Pronin – cameraman

Borys Peter – sound director

Roman Bondarchuk – producer, project manager


Pivden NGO

Documentary Human Rights Film Festival Docudays UA

The film is created with the financial support of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine

Tags: ATO, National guard, Ukraine, volunteers, medics

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