Documentary "Automaidan"


Automaidan started as an association of drivers who organised civic activities with cars, patrolled the streets and helped the activists of Maidan.

After president Yanukovych fled the country, Serhiy Khadzhynov, one of the founders of Automaidan, directed the activities of the organised social movement to fighting corruption and reforming the law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor’s office and the police.

Today, every city and every town in Ukraine has its own Automaidan that organises protests on its level.

A film by:

Serhiy Lysenko, director
Oleksandr Kryshtalovych, cameraman
Volodymyr Palylyk, cameraman
Anton Baybakov, composer
Borys Peter, sound editor
Roman Bondarchuk, producer, project manager


Pivden NGO and Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

The film production is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine

Tags: Automaidan, Maidan, Ukraine, activists