The mission "EAST" in Chernihiv district

The mission "EAST" in Chernihiv district

Publication date: 27/03/2014

 22.40 pm village of.Schors ( Chernihiv region).

Combat readiness ! Movement went from the Russian border ... all light extinguished . 23.50 pm v.Schors (Chernihiv region).t APC blocked the road . Dark . Field. Civilians are determined - " We will stand until the end ." 00.05 am v.Schors (Chernihiv region). Information from the post near the border ( 4km ) . "Going from Russia ... it seems that just check our willingness and our nerves border troops and warriors " But the tanks and APCs our heated . Everything is calm .

 01.00 am v.Schors (Chernihiv region).

Generally in v.Schors all is quiet. Say that it is just a test of our nerves for aging. We drove on toward the city of Novgorod- Siverskij