Mission "EAST". Part 2: day three

Mission "EAST". Part 2: day three

Publication date: 09/04/2014


Luhansk. People say: "Kyiv left us on ourselves. My legal wish to rise the flag of my country (Ukraine) on my house can end with a fire. Is that's ok when you are afraid for your life, rising the flag of the country you live in?!"

Near SSU protesters are called to come sober. The thing is that the most of them are drunk as lord.

But there are Ukrainian patriots in Luhansk: with a flag on a car, with a clean licence plate, everyone is showing his patriotism as he can. There are many of them, but how many - is a matter of time.

Great thanks to Paul, Faina, Oleg, Denis and to all locals (sorry, but I've forgot all your names), who helped, settled us and showed us arbitrariness and indifference of government to the situation in Luhansk city.