The mission "EAST". Part 2: day the first

The mission "EAST". Part 2: day the first

Publication date: 07/04/2014

Pro-russian protests in front of RSA building, occupied by pro-russian activists yesterday, in Kharkiv

Nearby are the residents of Kharkiv who advocate a United Ukraine.

 Protesters startet a fight

VIDEO: A fight between protesters in the square near the regional state administration

13.55. Someone poured gasoline on us. Thanks God, they couldn't burn it.

 I washed my eyes and continued

14.30. Pro-russian protesters are not very happy to see us: they ask lots of questions about who we are and demand to turn off the camera immediatelly, mostly they do it very rude

18.00. We've found an opportunity to stream from a high point. In an hour we were asked to leave.

19.10. We don't give up and show the situation in Kharkiv near the RSA building