Mission "EAST". Part 2: day four

Mission "EAST". Part 2: day four

Publication date: 10/04/2014


After Kharkiv, Luhansk and Donetsk I can say that everything is quiet here. And it really is. But how can local authorities hold and prevent any attempt of move towards administrative buildings?
We figured it out after we talked to locals: "It's simple. beginning with the assistants of assistants and finishing with the first deputies of governer Kolomoysky they spend meetings and talks with the rights, lefts, believers, nationalists, baptists, representative of ethnic communities, everybody, including criminal authorities."
All this is just to react on every tensed situation in region before it becomes a big problem.
And I can see that new governer's team manages all that successfuly.

BypassingKhersonand Mykolaiv we aregoingto Odessa region


Well, what can I say? We couldn't miss the opportunity to stop here. Khortitsa!

And we continue our way to Odessa