"War Technologies": Plate carriers. Armored Kraz. Issue 114

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War technologies №114.

  • Growth of arms sales in the world by 10%
  • Plate carrier or body armor. Comments of the fighters of the Donbas and producers of 281/z, M-tac, Velmet
  • Logistics management system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Kharkiv Aviation Plant offers Khaz-30 and An-74. Delegation of DP Antonov in Saudi Arabia. An-132
  • Housing training boxes at the landing site 169 of the Land Force Training Center Desna
  • Start of production Bogdan-2351. Fire-fighting cars Maz for the Winnicans
  • Ukrainian artillery shell 152 mm for the system "Hyacinth" from DACC "Artem"
  • Finders for arme from USA. The competition of sappers in Lugansk region
  • Improved helmet "Kaska-1M" from TEMP-3000
  • A complicated example of the USW-320 for the SIG Sauer P320 gun. Carbines Tactical Hunter and Ranger AR from Wilson Combat
  • Access to the PTRC in the Cougar Streit Group. Civil version of the armored car INKAS Sentry APC
  • Completion of the BTR Barys 8x8 test. Eitan in Israel and Boxer in Australia instead of M113. Kongsberg is equipped with VBCI Qatar
  • UH-72A Lakota helicopters for the USA and NH-90 for Qatar. 48 Eurofighter Typhoon for Saudi Arabia. Czech Aero Vodochody builds an upgraded L-39NG aircraft
  • BK-16 boats for Rosgvada, Ares-150 and Ares-80 for Qatar. Destroyer 25DD
  • JS Asahi for the Navy of Self-Defense of Japan
  • Arms Exhibitions Enforce Tac-2018 and DIMDEX-2018
  • Armored vehicles. Kraz Shrek, Kraz Raptor, Kraz Feon, Kraz Hurricane

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